Dr Ted Williams is a board-certified family physician who started one of the first team-based integrative clinics in the Kansas City area. He wishes to get to the root of your medical issues and work together with you in addressing chronic and acute conditions. Cash payment may be arranged per visit or on a monthly basis with a membership.

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Viral illness for the winter

 Yes we are facing a trifecta of respiratory viruses this winter.  Being prudent around high risk loved ones is a good idea and handwashing and nasal irrigation is good to do after exposure.

The anivirals we have been generally helpful and not specific and I am convinced that the population studies and safety data support the use of ivermecton for covid especially .  I am willing to consider with informed consent to use this medication in influenza and RSV

Used in a carefully calculated dose per weight under supervision has given a me a good track record  this antiviral in the last few years.  Simply using an older relatively inexpensive  older medicine for a new indication is not out of the ordinary for trained medical professionals.

Vitamin D , C  and Zinc are also generally helpful
and would be a good idea to use throughout the winter.  

I commend the providers through out our state and throughout our country who have stepped  forward for their patients.   Our mutual support is invaluable and I stand behind them as we move into the winter 


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Integrative family telemedicine from a board-certified MD welcomes patients looking for more than a band aid approach.

He seeks to look beyond the routine wastebasket diagnosis such as irritable bowel and chronic fatigue. He acknowledges that some people need chronic medicine but that the numbers are too high!  Not everyone needs medicine for stomach pain or depression; and many can minimize or get off these pills with a more thorough investigation and nutritional and supplement support